TNC Dream Up Festival Summer ’10!!

23 05 2010

I have just found out that I will be performing my original one-woman show entitled “The Sky is Melting” through Theater for the New City’s Dream Up Festival!!!

Details are few and far between at this point, but the piece will be going up sometime during the month of August with atleast 5 performances and tickets will be $12!

Amy Griego will be directing the piece and hopefully Ben Mcfadden’s original music as well as some of the original choreography from the original version will be making an appearance in this revival!

I will be designing the set, which will be determined my the space. I will also be performing the piece…so I’m trying to get back into shape : )

“The Sky is Melting” was originally created as part of my Senior Theater Honors Thesis at Oberlin College. The first version was directed by Sarah Frank and asked the talents of an artistic group of 20 students and Oberlin faculty members. The piece had 13 dance pieces…and hopefully just as many this time around. The piece chronicles one young girl’s struggle with addiction in the early 1970s. The piece was meant to be a discussion starter about addiction and drug use with young adults.

Currently I’m getting logistics lined up and figuring things out like artistic team members, script edits, paper work and schedules…so much on my plate but I’m so excited for this performance! This will be my second NYC theater performance since I moved here last August…first on in Manhattan and first one associated with such an incredible organization like Theater for the New City…I’m stoked!

Hopefully I’ll have more information soon!! Should be an exciting summer!




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